Listen to our 2019 podcast with the Advisor Lab hosted by Seven Group. We dive into the topic of technology in the advisor world – where it’s at, where it’s headed, and how advisors can integrate technology while maintaining a human element.  We also cover how advisors should be thinking about their technology stack and how they can leverage other means of passive communication to have an impact.

3D’s Investment Portfolios

Diversified Portfolio Options

Making advisors more efficient, time is the most precious commodity, long-term time-frame vs. market timing.

Independent Investment Oversight

Constantly developing and improving products and services, based on client needs and market conditions.

Cost-Efficient Execution

Low-cost investment solutions for clients, cost-saving practice management solutions for advisors.

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November 25, 2020 – Blogs

The Coming Bottlenecks

By: Benjamin Lavine

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