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Index investing has evolved over the years. 3D's proprietary asset allocation strategies take advantage of these changes and the innovations provided by Exchange Traded Funds, ETFs. We offer a suite of Target Rate of Return portfolios designed with investors' needs in mind. Our services are offered through advisors and consultants in formats for the large and small investor, the IRA and 401(k) plan, and for wealth accumulation or retirement income distribution.

  • Our quantitatively-driven ETF selection process and rigorous monitoring provide the building blocks to assemble and manage portfolios ranging from 100% equities to 100% bonds with risk targets from very aggressive to very conservative. We focus on investment solutions for investors with a wide range of objectives and time horizons.

  • 3D's investment strategies provide investors exposure to over a dozen asset classes; diversified across geographies, investment styles and indexing methodologies through the use of low-cost, tax-efficient ETFs.

  • We target specific rates of return in each portfolio, with a focus on risk management by strategically structuring asset allocation models of cutting-edge ETF products.

  • Financial advisors are best positioned to meet the holistic financial needs of most investors. 3D provides advisors with investment solutions and white glove service to allow them to do what they do best; manage the total financial well being of their clients.

Investment Objective

Investment Objective, Strategy & Philosophy


We believe that global equity markets are generally efficient. The basis for this belief was developed as the Efficient Market Hypothesis by Eugene Fama. Markets have a self-correcting quality to them. Simply put, as information that's relevant to the value of a stock becomes known by investors, that information is quickly incorporated into the price of that stock.


Second, we believe that certain risks can be reduced by spreading ownership of securities across a variety of securities or assets classes, rather than concentrating it. By investing with exposure to thousands of companies in multiple assets classes around the globe, 3D is able to provide high levels of diversification and thus mitigate unsystematic risks.


Asset allocation, according to studies by Brinson, Hood & Beebower and others, explains a significant amount about both the levels of and differences between the returns of various portfolio models. 3D uses asset allocation to exploit excess returns available in certain asset classes and to manage risk by employing non-correlated asset classes in tandem.


Enhanced Indexing: 3D uses many ETFs to track indexes that are weighted on factors other than market capitalization. This is referred to as enhanced or fundamental indexing. Studies show that more heavily weighting stocks with the stronger earnings, dividends, momentum or some other value-indicating factor, can achieve superior returns.



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