3D Asset Management, Inc. has signaled its continued commitment to leadership in the retirement income business by announcing it has become a member of the Retirement Income Industry Association (RIIA), a national, non-profit organization dedicated to helping the industry better serve the needs of Americans to create a secure retirement.

In these challenging times, the insurance and financial services industry must significantly improve products, processes and investor education to help Americans creating durable, inflation-adjusted retirement income that can last 30 years or more in retirement. Moreover, insurance and financial advisors must acquire new skills, training and insights to offer effective retirement income planning and retirement income management for their clients.

According to Francois Gadenne, RIIA’s Chairman and Executive Director, “Through RIIA, our common goal is to influence an industry-wide shift to product and planning strategies as well as advisor training through our advanced education designation, the Retirement Management Analyst℠ program that will address the challenges of creating a secure retirement income. We are pleased that 3D Asset Management, Inc. will be involved in supporting our efforts.”

“I am excited to be part of RIIA and participate in the exchange of knowledge among institutions, academics, researchers, and advisors interested in providing retirement income service and advice,” said Sheryl O’Connor, 3D’s Chief Operating Officer. “By becoming a member of RIIA, we gain access to the organization’s advisor education resources, research studies, as well as networking opportunities from ‘The View Across Silos’ in our industry, including company executives, academics, and innovators throughout the industry. This access will allow us to expand our leadership role in meeting the needs of our customers.”

About the Retirement Income Industry Association (http://www.riia-usa.org)
The Retirement Income Industry Association (RIIA) was founded in 2006 by leading financial services companies, advisors and academics who wanted a focused approach to retirement income with a broad view across the industry to address the major challenge facing an entire generation of Americans about how to create durable, inflation-adjusted retirement income that can last 30 years or more in retirement. A not-for-profit organization with national and international members, RIIA strives to address issues encompassing a dynamic retirement income landscape. Its mission is to bring the retirement income industry (commercially, academically and through affiliated associations) together with a “View Across the Silos℠” to create a forum for sharing the freshest outlooks, the most modern thinking, the latest research and education, and the newest advances in product development within the realm of retirement income. Contact RIIA at 617-342-7390 or email: staff@riia-usa.org.

About 3D Asset Management
Founded in 2006, 3D Asset Management is an Independent Global Investment Manager in East Hartford, Connecticut, who partners with a select group of fee-based financial advisors to deliver the benefits of Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) to individual investors and retirement plan participants. Through rigorous portfolio construction and monitoring, 3D builds diversified portfolios that control cost, manage risk and simplify global investing. 3D enables advisors to more efficiently manage client relations by providing efficient and valuable solutions. To learn more about the 3D WealthConductor™ solution, call 860-291-1998 or email sales@3dadvisor.com. www.3dadvisor.com.