Financial Advisor Office


December 18, 2014 - As a financial advisor you want to connect with your clients on a personal level. Being able to do this establishes trust that can lead to long lasting relationships and future generations of clients. Advisors have an arsenal of tools at their fingertips that can help establish these relationships, but sometimes the most obvious tool can be right in front of you…and all around you.

Invesco wholesalers have visited thousands of offices a year, and thought it was important enough to throw together a whitepaper and easy to follow checklist on how to effectively harness the power of one of your most effective sales tools. Your office!

Here is a sample of what they came up with:

  1. Depressurize Your Waiting Room – Make sure that whoever greets your clients polished,  professional and friendly.  Get rid of all that sales material in the waiting room. Creating a welcoming environment can make clients feel more comfortable and at home.
  2. Reinforce Your Business Message – Make sure your office is organized and all client personal information is neatly filed away out of site. Try replacing open client information with something that establishes you as a Wall Street professional, and make sure you can tell your story.
  3. Remove the “Six Degrees of Separation” – Display your interests in your office and establish common ground. Do you volunteer or do work for local non-profits?  Get out that sports memorabilia, and don’t be afraid to show them that reconditioned Shelby Cobra you have sitting in the lot.
  4. Help them Mine for Goals – Help your clients remember their goals. Do they want to travel? Have travel brochures or magazines in the waiting room. Help them think of things they might have overlooked in their plan, like where the best place is for them to retire. Have a guide to retirement spots handy.
  5. Illustrate Investment Concepts – People are visual, so it is important to be able to illustrate complex investment concepts to them in ways they understand. This can range from chalkboard illustrations, computer screens, or even the furniture in your office.
  6. Make Sure Your Office is “Age-justed” for Seniors – Small adjustments can make a big difference. Make sure background noise is to a minimum, office lighting is indirect, and the office doors are easy to open. And get rid of the throw rugs for good measure.


Please check out Invesco’s full StorySelling whitepaper for a complete checklist that you can use to turn your office into a powerful sales tool. I am sure that there is something that any financial advisor can take out of this regardless of how successful their business is.

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