March 15, 2016 - has recently published an article about how important technology selection is for advisors as the new DOL fiduciary rules come into effect. This is an important time for advisors to think about how they will keep their practices in compliance as well as profitable. With the new ruling, which will likely be released later this month or April, analysts and experts are suggesting that advisors assess the technology enhancements in their business plan.

By carefully choosing the technology in their plan, advisors can control costs and keep track of all aspects of their client interactions. The implementation of process-oriented systems will also help advisors make recommendations to their clients that can be easily regimented, documented and if necessary, defended. Adapting to new technology can help advisors to not only be more efficient, but will help them better serve their clients and protect their business.

Read the entire article here: Advisers must brace for DOL fiduciary by ramping up technology plans.