March 31, 2015 - When it comes to generating retirement income, investors arguably spend the most time and effort on the alpha or beta decision. These are just two elements of a myriad of important financial planning decisions, many of which can have a far more signifcant impact on retirement income.

Presenting the Gamma Concept. A concept designed to quantify the additional value that can be achieved by an individual investor from making more intelligent financial planning decisions. In this presentation David focuses on five important financial planning decisions/techniques that are the Gamma factors:

    • Asset Location and Withdrawal Sourcing
    • Total Wealth Asset Allocation
    • Annuity Allocation
    • Dynamic Withdrawal Strategy
    • Liability-Relative Optimization

David Blanchett, CFA is head of retirement research for the Morningstar Investment Management division, which provides investment consulting, retirement advice, and investment management operations around the world. He has  authored more than 35 articles that have been published in numerous publications including InvestmentNews, Journal of Financial Planning, and Journal of Index Investing. He also won the Journal of Financial Planning's 2007 "Financial Frontiers Award".

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