3D Proudly Welcomes David Abner, Head of Capital Markets at WisdomTree Asset Management, Inc.


Research indicates that 76% of advisors are looking for more information on ETFs. In this webinar David Abner will be discussing the concepts around liquidity and trading volumes, accessing hidden liquidity via the block markets, fund mechanics, and other important topics for the future growth of the ETF industry.

David is Head of the Capital Markets group at WisdomTree Asset Management, and has been on the senior management team since 2008. His group is involved in all aspects of the WisdomTree ETFs, from product development to education on the best execution techniques. Prior to Wisomtree, David was the Managing Director at BNP Paribas, and managed the Closed End Fund trading group at Bear Sterns. He is also the Author on two of the foremost books on the ETF industry. He leverages 20 years of experience, and is a trusted trading advisor to portfolio managers around the world.

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