July 07, 2017

Our CIO, Benjamin Lavine, CFA, CAIA, was a guest speaker on a webinar hosted by Jay Jacobs, CFA from Global X Funds on July 24, 2017. In the webinar, they discussed the state of oil and the MLP asset class in 2017. You can view a recording of the webinar through the link below.

“We try not to let policy influence our decision-making much. Really, we’re kind of focused more on longer term macro headwinds or tailwinds. As I eluded to earlier, post that Brexit decision we started seeing real tangible signs of a cyclical reflation taking place. I think that in and of itself makes the environment for investing in an area of the markets that is more sensitive to cyclical dynamics like MLPs. It certainly means that there is more of a tailwind to that investment, as opposed to a headwind. What happened in November and near-term, what’s happening geopolitically, we try not to let that influence our decision on whether to be in MLPs or not.”

– Ben Lavine

If you are interested in the full transcript CLICK HERE.