Retirement Income


Retirement Income

With approximately 10,000 Baby Boomers retiring every day, client demand for a reliable income stream throughout retirement years is increasing. 3D Asset Management works with advisors to provide investment and practice management solutions that respond to these concerns. Our 3D Global Portfolios, constructed to achieve targeted rates of return, coupled with a time-segmented retirement income strategy, provide the process and tools to advisors currently in or entering the retirement income planning business.


The specialists at 3D are familiar with several popular retirement income distribution platforms and will help you identify suitable 3D strategies for your clients’ time segmented retirement income plans.



next generation retirement income planning

For a referral to innovative retirement income plan management platforms, click the advisor registration link above.

Training Training

Delivery of initial and on-going education to advisors, including: 1-1/2 day live training; online Brainshark modules which mirror the live training; periodic webinars on special topics; and, one-on-one case support.

Sales & Marketing Sales & Marketing

Online access to logo-ready client brochures, tri-folds, advisor materials, and client seminar support (i.e., sample letters, postcards, how-to lists, etc); online blogs and research; and, 3D Regional VP Sales support.

Technology Technology

Delivery of online and webinar training and support on IncomeConductor™, the program’s proprietary retirement income plan management software. Licensed versions of IncomeConductor™ can be created to meet the specific compliance and branding needs of a company. On-going support includes product enhancements.

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